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Chef Alka Singh Tomar


I am Chef Alka Singh Tomar and I’ve had a passion for cooking since forever. As a kid I’d spent those lazy Sunday afternoons watching my mother cooking simple yet delightful dishes for our family and every time I saw her pouring all her love out of her heart through her hands into what looks like an ocean of colors and taste, I had this keen desire to imitate her.

It was the heat of this desire only which fueled my love for cooking. My early teens were filled with me cooking for my family and friends. With time it became a skill that became my identity.

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My Journey

I always wanted to pursue this (cooking) talent of mine but various obstacles that had come by in this journey drove me off track. Now, that my shoulders have a lesser burden, I want to make efforts for this old heart desire of mine.

I have completed my M.A in political science. I am a law and Urdu Graduate. As for current, I am running a creche and playgroup. It has been 38 years of my Little success. I have done a diploma in the management skills of culinary arts.

I run a successful cooking class (AMCC). I offer a one-year diploma in cooking. I also teach cooking to young kids. It is nice to be around Little kids.


  • Diploma in culinary art.

  • Run successful cooking classes (AMCC).

  • Published over 500 recipes in Cookpad.

  • Run a cooking Youtube channel.

  • Member of the World Gourmet Society.

  • Judged various competitions organized by Cookpad and other renowned organizations like Google meet Nestle Cooking Competition 2020 and more.

  • Did Live shows for Amar Ujala.

  • Lectured different schools and colleges about healthy food.

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  • Won four prizes at Cookpad and have been recognized by Mano General by Cookpad.

  • Won the national leadership award 2020.

  • Awarded as the best cooking and baking instructor in Lucknow

  • Guest award by Nawab Sahab

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