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Event Highlights of Swad Ka Jaljala - Season 1 - Chapter 1 - Super Chefs of Lucknow

SWAD KA JALJALA Season One - Chapter One witnessed the ultimate culinary showdown in Lucknow! Chef Alka Singh Tomar, under the banner of AMCC has organised the exciting competition, which took place on April 16th, 2023, at the prestigious Hotel Nexus in Lucknow. The competition started at 01:00 pm and concluded at 7:30 pm, and it was an event that food enthusiasts, sponsors, and visitors didn't want to miss. Alka's Master Cooking Classes is a renowned culinary organization that brings together the best chefs from Lucknow to showcase their skills and creativity in the kitchen. "Swad Ka Jaljala - The Super Chefs of Lucknow" season one chapter one, was the latest addition to our series of culinary competitions that tested the chefs' mettle in creating unique and delicious dishes.

The competition was a treat for the senses, with the aroma of spices, the sizzling of ingredients, and the flavors of the dishes that tantalized the taste buds of everyone present. Visitors had the perfect opportunity to experience the best of Lucknow's culinary scene. They got to taste some of the most unique and delicious dishes, interact with the chefs, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the competition.

Online influencers and bloggers received a special invitation to visit the event as a collaboration opportunity. Their unique perspective and voice was definitely a valuable addition to the event, and they also had the opportunity to experience and share their thoughts and opinions with their followers on social media.

All participants received a certificate of participation, which served as a testament to their culinary skills and hard work. The competition was judged by two expert judges - Celebrity Chef Kavita Singh and Professional Chef Ashutosh Singh, who evaluated each dish based on its presentation, taste, and creativity. In addition to the judges, there was also a jury member - Manjulika Asthana Ji, who provided her insights and critiques. Dr. Abha Dwivedi Ji was invited as the Chief Guest of the event. Our Guest of Honors include ADC Arun Kumar Singh, Rekha Kumar, Brij Kumari Singh, Aparna Mishra, Neelu Shrivastava, Shraddha Saxena, Shalini Lal, Ritu Jaiswal, Poonam Parashar, Abhishek yadav, Manisha Jha, Madhu Gulati and Deepanjali Singh.

Nikunja was announced as the winner of the competition and earned the title of Super Chef of Lucknow, whereas Shubham Kumar and Sheetal Jaiswal were the two runner-up, they each received exciting gifts, awards, and certificates. These prizes recognized the participants' hard work and creativity and served as a source of motivation for future culinary endeavors.

Aditi Sharma received the Recipe of the Day Award, Pratima Tiwari was awarded for the Best Plating, Shilpi Saxena for Best Cake and Madhulika Singh for Best Taste. There were three special awards in which Sonia Arora was awarded as the NGO 1st Prize from Prabhat Welfare Foundation, whereas Nupur Mukherjee got NGO 2nd Prize and Arpita Puri was awarded as the NGO 3rd prize winner.

Sponsors got their branding on social media, print media, posters, banners, and certificates. The event was an unforgettable culinary experience that catered to participants, sponsors, and visitors alike. The event was Powered by Ramsons Food Limited. Sponsored by Maggi, Fab, Apyura and Amul. Supported by Cornitos. Fitness Partner Pracheen Yoga and Photography by White Shade Graphics.

What were the competition guidelines for participants?

To ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants, they were asked to review a few guidelines before the event, and this is how the competition concluded its first season.​

  1. Participants were required to bring cooked food and/or beverages from their home.

  2. Plating of the food was done during the event, and participants brought their own plating equipment, including plates, bowls, spoons, forks, knives, and other related items.

  3. Only vegetarian food was allowed, and non-vegetarian food was strictly prohibited.

  4. Participants were allowed to submit food, drink, baking, or all of these items.

  5. A variety of entries were welcomed, and participants were encouraged to showcase their culinary skills.

  6. Participants were judged based on the taste, presentation, and creativity of their entries. They labelled their food items with their names and were responsible for their own entries.

  7. Nothing was provided at the venue, and participants brought all necessary ingredients, including chilies, lemons, basil, mint, coriander leaves, chutney, sauces, dips, and any other items that were required.

  8. No facilities for heating food were provided, and if the food was meant to be served hot, participants ensured to carry it in thermo-ware. If their food was meant to be served cold, they carried it in an icebox.

  9. Participants brought their food in large quantities and gave some taste to visitors when asked.

  10. Apart from food submission, participants brought a bowl to create an instant dish from "Cornitos." They also brought ingredients such as lemon, roasted peanuts, chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, spices, etc.